They definitely make you feel like you are part of their family

After days of thoroughly researching breeders throughout Canada and the US we came across Daintree Kennels. Right away we could tell that they were the breeders for us. At first glance their website and social media are extremely well put together, providing large amounts of information, pictures and videos of their dogs and puppies. Our favorite part is their online presence; frequent uploads of the dogs, the puppies and loads of informational snippets. It feels as if you get to be there as they grow. This only somewhat prepared us for how loving, competent, caring and exceptional Trisha and Scott are.

From the interview process through to the Gotcha Event in Nakusp, Trisha has been wonderful, answering every question we had with extensive knowledge and enthusiasm. You can tell that these dogs are her inspiration and see how deeply she cares for each and every one of them.  To us this shows through each one of Dainetree’s puppies. They are so well tempered from the use of Puppy Culture methods, and the individual attention each puppy receives from both Scott and Trisha.

We would extremely recommend going to the Gotcha Event! You get to meet all the puppies you have been watching so closely on social media, meet the other new owners of the puppies, which in itself is priceless, not to mention the lovely trip to beautiful Nakusp, BC. The whole Daintree group was so accommodating providing food and snacks, as well as being wonderful company. They definitely make you feel like you are part of their family.

We have learned so much from this experience and are so glad that we chose Daintree Kennels for the adoption of our puppy. He is remarkable and amazes us every day with how smart and sweet he is. We cannot thank Trisha, Scott and the Daintree team enough for our new wonderful dog.

- Paige, Jeremy, Sophie and Maverick


Paige and Maverick on the day he went home with her. Pic: Tasha Hall, BC Farm and Family Photography.