Raw Food Diet

This page is intended to be a resource for our puppy families and in fact anyone who is embarking on the feeding of a raw/varietal diet to their dogs and is looking for ideas, how-to's, tips and information.

Why Feed A Raw Diet?

  • Dogs are derived from wolves, therefore, they are both omnivores and have almost identical digestive systems to each other
  • Canines thrive on raw, fresh meats, bones, organs and fresh vegetables
  • Dogs possess the proper enzymes to break down meats and vegetables, but not grains
  • Your dog will absorb all the vitamins, nutrients and minerals they need from raw food (this results in a smaller, dryer stool)

  • The nutrients in dry food are substantially eliminated during the cooking process

  • The dog's digestive system is able to digest raw food in as little as 5 hours as opposed to 12 hours when fed dry food

Helpful Links On Feeding Raw

A documentary that will open your eyes widely to the dangers posed by seemingly harmless dry dog food.