Spending time with our buyers during their adoption

When a person buys a puppy from Daintree, they are entitled to a compassionate hand off. In addition to the months of education, relationship-building and photo/video updates, I also spend time with puppy and owner to ease the transition and help to start the building of the bond. Whether this is with the Gotcha Weekend event hosted at the kennel for all families able to attend or grabbing a takeout picnic lunch and sitting in a park together, I encourage a relaxed, supportive environment for both pup and humans.

Yesterday, Jody flew in for the day from Calgary and I met her in Kelowna, 3.5 hours from home. She and I and Gwen (and a couple of the adults) spent the afternoon together in Kelowna to meet, visit, fill in paperwork, and for the new pals to get acquainted while I was still around because until now I have been the puppy's main human. Here is Jody meeting Gwen for the first time.

Then we see Lady Gwen/Copper in her carrier bag en route to Calgary via air, Copper in the bed (always recommended) and the final photo is with her other new owner, Kylee after a dip in the puppy pool today.

This is the beginning of Copper's happily ever after, and similar to all of the new beginnings for the puppies born at Daintree.