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Last Updated December 10, 2018

Daintree is currently accepting reservations for 2019 summer puppies. Families are requested to complete a couple of stages of screening to become acquainted with Daintree and be sure about getting their pup from us. We are looking for suitable homes and have plenty of questions before these lucky families are put on our wait list. Once selected, families will be offered their carefully chosen matches. If there is not a match to what you want and need in a dog, we will work with you until the right pup comes along. It is typical to wait for 6-12 months for a Toller puppy from most quality breeders.

To find out more about our pups and their parents, click on the OUR DOGS link above and please check out our Facebook or Instagram.

there are no older dogs currently available

We are not currently accepting new applications on retiring adult dogs.


  • Spring 2019- WAITLIST FULL- No reservations available.

  • Summer 2019- RESERVATIONS OPEN


Our Methods

Puppies are only sold to approved homes. Daintree thoroughly screens each applicant.

Our puppies are raised in a quiet and loving home environment with exposure to as much of regular life "stuff" as we can manage. We feed a balanced diet of raw food and follow a limited vaccination schedule.  Solid family dogs are our goal.

Families are invited to participate in an online group dedicated solely to their puppy's litter. The puppies are documented here with daily updates on progress, photos and videos.

Since July 2015, all Daintree puppies are raised with Jane Killion's Puppy Culture Program. This is a method of whelping and raising litters and has become a breeding game changer. Using Early Neurological Stimulation and many of the other tools outlined in the video series helps Daintree to produce stable, enrichment seeking pups who are calmer and more confident than previous generations. When you know better, you do better.


Local purchasers will pay $3500 CAD (this price does not include applicable taxes- both PST and GST will be added to the total as they apply to live animal sales in British Columbia. I know, but it's the law, sorry!)

Canadian purchasers from a distance will pay $3500 CAD plus shipping expenses.  

American and European purchasers will pay 3500 in their currency. This covers the many additional requirements to export a puppy out of the country and includes Canadian taxes in the total.




  • Raised indoors in the home in sanitary conditions

  • Weaned to an exclusively raw diet

  • CKC registered, certificate issued by the club after purchase

  • Health warrantied for a period of 2 years

  • Receive routine deworming medication

  • Examined by our veterinarian and certified in good health prior to leaving

  • Unvaccinated- First shots are not given prior to departure- 8 weeks is too young to vaccinate so we provide detailed vaccination instructions and can provide a letter of explanation for your veterinarian. We can also provide the vaccine to you to administer at the appropriate age.

  • Introduced to new things (know stairs, traveling in a vehicle, different outdoor terrain, etc.)

  • Socialized; they are handled daily and have regular visitors and social outings

  • Started on litterbox and crate training

  • Started on basic obedience with hand signals (sit, down, heel, stand, stay, loose leash walking)

  • Enrichment seeking, trained to sit and look to owner for direction (manding)

  • Pre spoiled, very loved, and always welcome back if the purchasing family finds that they cannot keep their puppy for any reason at any time.

What's included with your DAINTREE PUPPy:

  • Comprehensive purchase contract

  • Puppy pack including a litter-scented blanket, a new toy, a clicker and treats

  • Comprehensive "Puppy Operations Manual"

  • Postal delivery of registration papers

  • 2 year genetic health warranty

  • Medical records

  • Flank tattoo & microchip with CKC identification number

  • Special offer for discounted or complimentary pet insurance

  • Contact with the other families who have your dog's litter mates

  • Lifetime support of Daintree for everything from a bee sting to serious behavioural issue- We WANT to hear from you! The puppies are part of our family until they day they take their last breath.