High praise for Scott and Trisha

We have nothing but high praise for Trisha and Scott. They really have a world class program for breeding amazing dogs. When you buy a dog you are not getting something from a puppy mill. These are pets that have been loved and trained from the start.

This is not our first dog, we have had 5 over the 22 years of marriage. This is the first that I didn’t feel like I was starting from scratch. Our puppy was doing eyes and sit for attention from the moment we picked her up. She is easily the best pup we have ever started with, so I have high expectation for her as a part of our family.

The Daintree process is thorough, in a very good way. Making sure you know what you are taking on and patiently answering your question along the way.

Take my advice and follow the Facebook group. I did for almost a year before deciding I had seen my pup. The group is supportive and friendly. You will see the care and attention poured into the dogs from birth. Take your time and watch a litter or two grow. See how their owners come back time and again to help other new owners. Your pet selection is a life choice, so choose a supportive group that will help you throughout that journey.