Photos from our recent delivery trip to Paris for the JoyRide litter’s Rover and Shelby. The loving owners met us at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris and travelled onward to the south of Germany and Edinbugh, Scotland.

Photos from our recent delivery trip to Paris for the JoyRide litter’s Rover and Shelby. The loving owners met us at the Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris and travelled onward to the south of Germany and Edinbugh, Scotland.


Flying with a puppy in cabin (8 weeks to 4 months)

Flying with puppy- Here I will talk about what is involved in accompanying your puppy home from the kennel by traveling with her in the cabin. This is an option on most airlines and is definitely the option we prefer. We like the bonus of being able to meet you in person when we hand you your bundle of joy.

Please feel free to ask us questions if you will be flying with a puppy for the first time. We have plenty of experience. I have bolded the items to get.


  • A ‘pet in cabin’ normally has to be booked with a human agent and not online. Look online at flights and when you have one chosen, call the airline directly to book your ticket and be sure to book the puppy for your return portion.

  • Travel with a clean-up kit or have the person meeting you at home pack one along. We pack a spare towel or 2, some puppy potty pads, some baby wipes, travel pack of lysol wipes and a couple of plastic bags to put soiled bedding into.

  • Purchase a rabbit water bottle- the type with a spout and a little metal ball on the end. So handy for offering water through a bit of unzipping during the flight.

  • It is better to fly on a slightly empty stomach but a few items can be offered if the trip is long or if it would normally be a feeding time. Pack a small ziploc bag of kibble and some soft treats. A hard chew such as dried meat jerky, or a bully stick can be very beneficial. For a non-food chew, we love Beco bone.

  • Put the kibble and soft treats in a baby Kong if puppy gets restless.

  • Pack a small collar, leash and poop bags.

  • Arm yourself with a stack of Daintree business cards (provided) and allow yourself extra time to get from the parking lot to your seat- Toller puppies garner a LOT of attention.

  • Items you can purchase in case of puppy tantrum:

    • DAP collar, spray

    • Bach Rescue Remedy drops or spray

    • EZ Rest by Omega Alpha

  • The ticket agent will visually check over your puppy in its carrier to ensure things look okay. Some airlines will ask for a certificate of health to be shown at check in. Let Daintree know so we can have this taken care of before hand. After you check any baggage, you will proceed to security.

  • At the security check point, you will send the puppy’s items and carrier through the scanning machine and carry the puppy in your arms through the walk-through metal detection or body scanner.

  • At the gate, you can allow the puppy to be free (on a leash) before packing him up into the carrier for the entire time that you are on board your flight. Puppies are not permitted to exit the travel carriers while inside the airplane.

  • As soon as you have climbed to the flight altitude, you can expect the puppy to be quiet settled and even sleep for the duration of the flight. We very rarely have a fuss or an accident, but you are prepared in case of either.

  • Once you arrive, you will want to get puppy out to some grass or an area where they can relieve themselves safely outdoors.

Flying with a puppy in cARGO (ADULT or over 20 lbs)

For the kennel, a plastic, ventilated model with a metal door is required. The right size is one where she can stand up inside, turn around and lay down comfortably. Pack a layer of newspaper and then an old towel or 2. Buy a rabbit water bottle to affix to the door and train her to drink from it before the flight or freeze a water dish or stainless 1 litre bucket (Amazon) so she has ice to lick (as it is less likely to spill if frozen.)

Better to fly on a slightly empty tummy- give her a small meal or some treats she likes on the morning of your trip. Tape a ziploc of treats to the top of crate with a note written on saying “My name is Copper. I’m a good girl. Please give me a cookie.” Remove collar and leash and carry them in your carry-on. Check in very early because the animals in cargo take longer to process. Ask the flight attendant to tell you when she has boarded the plane or watch for her from the gate. She will arrive stressed at the ‘large items’ window, get her outside asap to potty. Pack treats to give her, a plastic bag to gather any soiled bedding, and some baby wipes in case she needs spot cleaning. They usually get over the trip pretty rapidly. I love Rescue Remedy for stress and travel. Spray on bedding, on water, put a bit on paws and ears.

  • sedation is out, but if you think she might be nervous you can pick up some Rescue Remedy and put a bit on her paws, nose, ears, and bedding

  • the airline crate should be plastic and larger is better than smaller (I hope she is still crate trained, this will make the trip a lot more tolerable)

  • Freeze a water dish that can be attached to the inside of the crate door

  • Give her a soft bed to lay on, but not something she will chew up

  • They will normally let you give the dog a chew so I normally choose a meaty bone like a beef knuckle that is large enough to not be a choking hazard and enticing enough for the dog to occupy themselves even in a stressful situation

  • Check in as early as they will let you to ensure that there are no mishaps with the dog and the passengers being put on the same flight, etc. 

  • Remove the collar and leash, and pack them into your carry on luggage so you have them ready when you collect her from the oversize baggage area

  • Ask the flight crew to notify you when your dog has boarded

  • Be prepared on the arrival to potentially have an accident to clean up. To try and avoid this, skip the meal just before travel and don't offer a lot of water. Pack a plastic bag for soiled bedding and an extra bed.

  • On arrival, be prepared to get her out to a grassy area ASAP

  • Dogs are not generally allowed to put their feet on the ground inside an airport but are usually allowed on leash anywhere outside.

  • She might be very tense when you collect her- don't expect her to be the life of the party until she has had a chance to adjust back to herself